Old Witney Road
fabric dye applied with hand-spun wool, salt, graphite, colour pencil, paint pen, thread, woodburning, teardrops on paper
15 x 22". 2017
This mixed-media piece is a map of the land and memories left behind when Lucy Garnett returned from Eynsham, Oxfordshire, where she had been preparing her old house to be sold after five years of letting it to tenants. She traced the Ordnance Survey map of our part of Oxfordshire, burning many roads of significance into the paper with a woodburning tool. The twist skein of wool she used to dye the paper was from a hand spinning experiment she had done with her first class when they were studying the Celts and Romans. You can see the city, towns and villages where the artist taught, as well as part of the music for a popular Harvest Festival song the first arranged for her recorder group. The footprint of her family’s 1930s house, where she and her husband raised their girls, is traced over the medieval village of Eynsham where it stood. The stitched railway lines are done with thread from a dress Garnett made when her daughter, Imogen, was 18, and chart many journeys over a lifetime of travelling to and from Oxford where Garnett’s mother was born and raised and her grandparents lived from the ‘40s onwards. Garnett worked on this piece over the months it took to sell the house and finished it the day that long process was completed.